Bowling Tips

Bowling has a long and rich history that dates back roughly 4000 years to Rome and Greece. A number of individuals get great pleasure from bowling. However, apart from being a competitive and fun game, there are numerous health benefits to be gained from participating in bowling. They include:

Muscle Strengthening and Toning

Bowling gives your body and arms a valuable weight-based work out. Swinging bowling balls causes stretching, twisting, bending and flexing that tone the muscles of the chest, arms and legs. This also improves strength, joint flexibility, and balance. Additionally, gripping the ball assists in strengthening your hands. In a three-game series, the average bowler who uses a 16-pound ball swings 864 pounds; this is remarkable for muscle toning and strengthening.

Weight Loss

Bowling speeds up your metabolism and helps you to slim down. Although bowling takes place in a small area, moving constantly, while playing, helps to burn fat. Walking back and forth between the scoring table and lane works your legs. Lifting and swinging bowling balls down the lane provide a great workout for the rest of your body. Based on the effort you put into the game and your weight, you could burn between 170 and 300 calories each game. While bowling, a 200-pound adult can burn as many as 275 calories an hour.

Decreased Risk of Diseases

Among the primary risk factors for heart disease is living a sedentary lifestyle. Bowling lowers your risk of diseases like heart attack, stroke, and diabetes. It also improves blood circulation, increases bone density, lowers blood pressure and cholesterol levels. It assists your body in better using oxygen as well. Bowl at least once a week for optimal benefits.

Enriched Social Life

Bowling provided a remarkable way to make new friends. Bowling teams and leagues enable you to meet and socialize with fellow players, have great conversations between turns and spend quality time with family and old friends. This can ease loneliness, especially for those who live alone like the elderly. It can also help to lower stress and depression. Developing social relationships around bowling and other shared interests can strengthen the muscles of the heart and increase longevity.

All Ages Welcome

Bowling is among the small number of sports that enable you to be competitive and become a pro at any age. It is enjoyed by individuals from preschoolers to seniors. It is quite popular among older individuals as there is a low risk of injury. A number of bowling alleys are equipped to accommodate blind bowlers and those in wheelchairs.

The Ideal Weight

Having the correct ball weight is a vital component of bowling. An average mature male normally bowls with a ball weighing 15 or 16 pounds. The average woman uses bowling balls weighing 10 to 12 pounds. Heavier or larger players should go up in weight, while smaller individuals should use a lower weight. Heavier bowling balls are packed with the power required to knock down the pins and produce a great score. However, a bowling ball that is excessively heavy could cause injury or otherwise have a negative impact on your stroke. When it comes to children, the general rule of thumb is purchasing a ball that is one pound for each year of the child’s life. For instance, a 12-pound ball would be ideal for a 12-year-old child.

First Bowling Ball

If you want to use your own ball while bowling, which has many advantages, you should start off with a urethane or plastic/polyester model. Individuals who are on a tight budget and only aspire to throw the ball in a straight line could do well with a plastic/polyester ball. However, if you wish to advance your game of bowling and get higher scores on a consistent basis, a urethane or reactive resin bowling ball would be the best choice for you.

Where to Buy Bowling Balls?

A number of places are available where bowling balls can be purchased. There are a small number of balls at most department stores; however, their quality is typically low. Additionally, they can be bought at the bowling alley’s pro shop; these bowling balls are normally of a higher quality. Overall, the largest selection and best prices can be found online. You should ultimately choose a reliable online retailer with a range of retailers utilizing their marketplace; this will drive the cost down.

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